The Haven at it's core is a church and aims to help those in need and to make disciples or followers of Christ.  Anyone is welcome to the church meetings and for those who want to grow in their walk with God then the Haven offers biblical studies, teaching and discipleship in many different ways to support and nurture you in that growth. The Haven church is all about worshipping and learning more about God and sharing His love to all through words and action.

Listen To This Series on Podcast: Click To Listen

Listen To This Series on Podcast: Click To Listen

About The Haven Fellowship

The Haven Church focuses on Acts 2:42, where it says that the people of God met together and devoted themselves to teaching, prayer, fellowship and breaking of bread (communion). The Haven is about connecting with God and seeking and growing our personal relationship with Him. God has a purpose for us all and by seeking Him and putting Him first in your life will allow Him to guide you to that purpose.


The Haven wants each individual to grow in their relationship with God. It focuses on the individual and their personal needs in order to seek God and grow stronger in Him. It also teaches them to live out their faith in society and to show Gods love through their own actions. Church is seven days aweek. In the verse in Acts it says they met together daily and this is an example the Haven wishes to show.


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