The Haven vision was birthed over 30 years ago and many have been planted over those years in different parts of the world.


Jim McKechnie was given the vision in the shape of a hospital layout or as he later called them 'spiritual surgeries'.  Each surgery has a role to play with the needs of people coming to The Haven.

Systems and strategies are not the focus of The Haven but the people are.


The Haven over the years has touched and helped many people with different problems with this vision as backbone.  Below is The Haven vision in more detail.  If you would like to also learn more about the history of The Haven then click on History.

Everyone needs a haven.  A time where a person can gather their thoughts, receive rest and nourishment and to decide where to move on to.  The Haven aims to offer this type of environment to all who seek it and in different formats.


The ‘T-junction’ is the first port of call.  This is a safe and familiar place that people will want to come to and use as a haven.  With a team of people willing to help, offer advice and to offer prayer, we trust that through Jesus Christ the person will experience the peace and rest their heart and mind desires.  Only through Jesus Christ and believing in Him can someone have life to the full.


Hopefully, as people come to know Christ, they can experience more of the love of God and feeling safe in the body of Christ as they live out their faith and our Lords commission.  Some will take this message locally and others will take this message to ends of the earth, some bi-vocationally and others full time ministry.

Plaster Cast

This is where two bones are generally fixed together and supported through a cast in order to fuse together to become strong again.  In a similar way, the church should be a cast that brings people together, make them stronger together in order for it to work effectively.


Having regular times where the church people get together to form relationships is vital to making a warm and welcoming church.  Putting on a shared lunch or ‘koinonia’ once a month is just one way the people can spend time and fellowship with one another in order for them to pull together.  Acts 2:42 is a scriptural basis for this.

Out Patients

People who are out patients are those who come in for a treatment or clinic and then leave.  They do not get admitted or stay long term.  Many people will be out patients in the church.  They will come to services, events and meetings but leave after each one.  This is in the hope that they are ready for everyday life.  They will be the ones who will go and tell their neighbours and friends about the excellent treatment they had and invite them when they are in need.  These people are the frontline evangelists.


It is important to give them time and teaching on how the share their faith and the gospel in order for them to tell others they come into contact with.  Although they may not be the main focus group or take up much time, it is vital that they too are equipped, cared for and trained in order for them to be healthy and fit for work.


This area is all about feeding the body.  Therapy is about giving someone the tools to help them feel on top of their particular situation.  Often it is techniques and changes of habit that are given and suggested to the person in need.  Numerous times in scripture it mentions that the church is to look after those in need.  This involves practical help as well as spiritual help.


Giving people who are in need tools in order that they can ‘live life and life to the full’ in Jesus Christ is the gospel.  These tools can consist of teaching someone how to budget their finances, fill in or create a C.V or to teach them a trade.  Although all of these things are important and vital to the people concerned, it is also important that through this ‘therapy’ they begin and understand the gospel.  


The theatre is where everything gets exposed and is on display.  This allows precise work to be done on a particular area.  In a similar way the theatre room in the church allows people to open up to others, God and themselves in order for healing to take place.  Due to this, the body of Christ can grow stronger together and therefore is able to help heal itself. 


This can be achieved through workshops on particular areas of people’s lives.  For example, marriage courses, parent courses, singles groups and financial classes are to name a few.  It is also just getting a long side people in their day-to-day lives and helping them practically and spiritually through their situation.

Intensive Care

This is where the important and critical work is done.  It is normally a hype of activity and every second and every decision counts in order to save people’s lives and to bring them to restoration.  The church needs to be intensive about its care.  How it responds to life threatening and life changing decisions is crucial.  Prayer and study are the tools at the frontline of the church.


Intensive prayer for people and the nation is a vital part of restoration.  However, prayer is strengthened through the knowledge of the word.  Knowing God’s mind and understanding His heart can only come from scripture.  Studying the bible and learning to make it a part of us gives prayer a well to spring from.  Both of these tools together have the power to bring people to Christ, challenge any false doctrine and radically change the world for His glory and honour.


This area is the most practical area of the hospital.  It is where people continue to receive treatment and recover from their illness before going home and back to normal life.  The church do not often have facilities or man power to offer such a service.  However, it is an important part of restoration.  It would be unthinkable for the hospital to release a patient before they could go back to everyday life.  They are cared for until they are released when they can fend for themselves.


The church is surprised when people with problems keep ‘falling’ in the same areas after limited counselling and prayer.  Although this can happen through the power of God, the church needs to get alongside these people and make sure they experience God’s power.  Having people living in for a period of time in order for them to come to complete restoration makes a healthier disciple.  Jesus spent time with His disciples before sending them out.  The hope is that the people who live in either come to know Christ or get restored to Christ in order to be sent out to normal life, teaching others the way to Jesus.

Cell Transfusion

Cells make up the body and are in every aspect of it.  These cells are continually growing, transforming and regenerating.  Information is passed from cell to cell and in growth stages, a dying cell is replaced with a stronger and healthier cell.  As Christians begin to die to Christ and therefore their past life and habits, new and stronger cells need to replace the old ones.  Transferring knowledge from one person to another is the quickest way to learn.


Life Groups, House Groups or Cell Groups all aim to do this.  Smaller groups of people meeting together to learn, study and explore God’s word is important for personal growth.  However, it is not just about the raw knowledge.  It must be able to pass on experiences, highs and lows of life and application to everyday life.  The knowledge of God’s must be applied in order to make it the living word.


Cells only affect the other cells around them with the same common purpose.  In a church setting this can be hobby/mission interests, working environment or geographical location.  The key is reaching out to those who also have the same common purpose.


Rest in hospital is very important to the restoration and healing process.  However, most people only get this time to rest when they are ill in hospital and others would not be in hospital if they only rested at home.  The church culture is no different. The church is not just about a place for believers to find spiritual rest and strengthening, it is there to teach believers how to rest in God’s presence and to encourage them to do it more often.


Christians are guilty of marking in dates to have spiritual retreats once or twice a year for whole days at a time and cramming in every thought and worry they have ever had and expecting God to make them feel better about it all.  Little but often is key.  The psalmist continually put ‘selah’ in to allow rest.  If we take a little bit of time out when we need to rest in God’s presence then He can refresh and restore us more often a little at a time.


Praise and worship to God helps us rest in His presence as long as it is all about Him.  This is not emotional praise and worship but spiritual praise and worship.  It is all about connecting to God no matter the mood a person is in or the song that is sung.  It is about giving Him your heart, mind and soul with every breath that you have.

Spiritual Surgery

Surgery is very intricate and specific.  It takes a skilled and trained hand to operate on someone.  In the church counselling is one of the main tools that is used.  Offering this option to people is important and it is not just for church people.  Those who do not yet know Christ want someone to listen to them, care for them and give counsel.  It is just another opportunity to share the love of God and witness to people in need.

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