Helping Community

Helping the community is what stems from our love of God and gives individuals a chance to experience Gods love for them. The Haven simply wants to help people in need. In what ever shape or form that comes in. If we can then we will. If we can't, then we will point you in the direction of someone who can as we are linked with other organisations. Jesus told His followers to go out and tell others about the Gods love. We do this by helping those in need and telling them about Jesus.

Beginning The Way is an introduction course about Christianity. The course is 7 weeks long and explains everything you initially need to know about the Christian faith.

Finding The Way is a 7 week course about being a follower of Jesus. It is aimed at those who have just made a commitment to follow Jesus and the first steps of the dicipleship journey.

Pit-stop is a service for those who are wanting to explore church for the first time. It is held in a local community centre and provides a low-key service.

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