Beginning The Way

This course is designed to give someone the information and explanation they need to know about the principles of the Christian faith. The course is a mix of a short talk on topic, looking at scripture, listening to personal testimony and a chance to discuss and ask questions.


The question time can be about anything you want to know about the Christian faith. We will try and give you an answer based on scripture rather than opinion.


Here is an outline of what will be included in the 7 weeks of this course:


            ¨       WK1-God Part 1: The Beginnings

            ¨       WK2-God Part 2: The Journey

            ¨       WK3-Jesus Part 1: Son of God & Sacrifice

            ¨       WK4-Jesus Part 2: Why The Cross?

            ¨       WK5-Holy Spirit: Who Is This?

            ¨       WK6-The Church Part 1: The Body of Christ

            ¨       WK7-The Church Part: The Temple/Gathering


The course runs for 7 weeks and there is a follow on course for those who have made a commitment to following Jesus. The course runs when there is enough interest. If you are interested then please get in touch (via the contacts page) and we will inform you when the next course will run.

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