Who Are We?

The Haven has now been going for 4 years now. Read more about how it all started and about who is leading the Haven vision.

Doug McKechnie: I have been brought up in a Christian home and gave my life to the Lord when I was 4 years old.  From that day I knew Jesus was alive and that He was my friend. My parents were church planters and had lived by faith through their thirty year ministry. I watched and heard the stories of how God provided for them and for our family. This excited me and even in my early years became second nature for me to rely on God speaking and providing.

Before God called me into ministry (2 Timothy 3:14-4:2) I was a qualified F.A football coach and had been working in primary schools as part of my own business but mainly in an Academy in Northolt, London. I had been doing this work for about 5 years and playing semi-professional football before laying it all down and attending Elim Bible College in September 2007. God provided every penny of my fees before setting foot on campus.

After completing my degree I became a Minister In Training (MIT) and my post was at Elim Church Kingstanding, Birmingham. I spent three years at the church and was ordained in April 2013. I then left the church in June 2013 through Gods instruction knowing something new was taking place.

Pippa McKechnie: I have also been brought up in a Christian household and have attended a C of E church throughout childhood.  I gave my heart to the Lord at 10 years old and was confirmed a few years later. 


I went along with my parents to church and attended youth clubs but it is fair to say that I did not have personal relationship with Jesus.  It was not till I was 16 and met Doug and his family that I realised God was so personal and there was more to being a Christian than just attending church.  Hearing his parents’ stories was so exciting and they taught me a lot about God.


I studied and qualified as a physiotherapist at Hertfordshire University and began to look for a job.  I was looking for jobs in London for about a year until I knew Doug was moving up North for Bible College.  God opened the door at Wolverhampton and confirmed this through a prophetic word from a guest speaker at church.  This was the first time I really saw God working in my life.


I spent six and a half years at the hospital and loved every minute of my work and never saw myself leaving this profession.



Doug & Pippa have been married for 10 years and have children, Christopher and Eleanor.  They have both been called out to minister the Haven vision together. Doug is the pastor of the church and looks to teach and disciple through various means. He is passionate about teach the truth of the word of God. Pippa is the church administrator but also loves meeting people and talking about the Lord to them. She has a real heart of compassion for people and desires to see people free from life struggles. Doug and Pippa have been called to live by faith and trust God for all their needs. They have being doing this for past 5 years and have not missed a bill or payment. The property that they live in and run the vision from was even been provided for (i.e bought outright).


They love meeting with people and spending time with family and friends.  They both enjoy watching films and having people over for meals.  They like playing sports and going for walks.  Doug loves football and supports Man Utd.


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