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Why Plant & why East KIlbride?


Before starting my MIT at Elim Church Kingstanding, God gave me a clear timescale of three years before planting a church (2 Kings 19:28).  As this time was approaching, Pippa and I began to seek God about our future.  Despite opportunities arising in Kingstanding to plant, we knew that God was moving us on and so I stood down from my post.


The next three months were spent seeking God about where we would be planting.  The only thing God was giving us was that we were to plant a ‘Haven’ church, which were the churches my parents planted.  Pippa had readings about a son following the work of his father and one part of the Haven vision

(1 Samuel 22:2).  My readings confirmed this as it talked about Isaac reopening the wells of Abraham and calling them the same name (Genesis 26:18). 


Now that we knew what we were to plant, we needed to know where to plant.  After more prayer, we soon had our answer.  The readings that I had were all to do with characters heading back to the land of their fathers (Genesis 31:3; Deut. 30:5) or to their own native land (Genesis 31:13).  I knew that this was Scotland and in particular Glasgow.  I sought confirmation from Pippa and in a few days God had told her clearly to give up work and support me in the church plant (1kings 19:19-21). 


As we were looking for places in Glasgow, we came across a property in East Kilbride which would suite the vision.  This was our first attraction to E.K.  However, this property has since been sold and is no longer available.  We then soon realised that my parents and my grandparents both lived in East Kilbride for a spell.  So I really was returning to the land of my fathers.


God was then more specific about our location in East Kilbride.  On two occasions God told us to be on the Eastern side (Joshua 4:19, Jonah 4:5), which is of no real surprise as this is the side my family had lived on.  The key word in the Joshua reading is ‘camped’.  We feel that we are only camping on the east side until the property God has for us is revealed.  We believe this may be in the Nerston area based on a picture we were given. 


We hope this explains a little of our journey and reason for being here.  We are looking forward to the work God has for us here in East Kilbride.


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