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Helping the needs of those whom God sends (1 Samuel 22:2) and making disciples who disciple others (2 Timothy 2:2).

The Haven is a church planting vision that seeks to grow and equip God's people through discipleship, to reach out to the world by planting multiple fellowships of bible obeying and mission ready followers of Christ and to equip future Pastors and Elders to shepherd and oversee these fellowships. The best way to serve this vision is to ‘equip every believer for all works of service’. We believe that this is the best way to reach the lost of the world, by equipping each believer to be a disciple and to go and make disiples of all nations.


Jesus first gathered His disciples to train, teach, and equip them before sending them out to minister to the world. Therefore, our mission is to gather believers and to train and equip them in how to follow Jesus wholeheartedly and enable them to seek and use the gifts God has given them.


Our mission is also to send out each believer as Jesus did with His disciples to ‘Go’, ‘make’, ‘teach’. It was always Jesus’ purpose for every believer to go and make disciples and teaching them to obey what Christ has commanded. Christ believed in this so much that He promised to be with us, as we do this, till the ends of the age.


The final part of our mission is to train future leaders (pastors, elders, deacons) in order to care for and oversee new fellowships that are planted across the town. As we seek out faithful men and they respond to God's calling, we will look to given them the tools they need to follow Christ in a leadership context and to care and protect the people of God.


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