"One of the most imporant parts of being a follower of Christ is belonging to a family or a body, made up of different people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, age and race but unite together in their desire to follow Christ Jesus."

Jesus stated that He would build the church and that the church, made up of followers of Christ, will be His bride. This is pretty epic!! Something worth putting everything into doesn't it?


Jesus told His disciples that the key to the world knowing that they were disciples was to love one another. Infact, He didn't just tell them, He commanded them.


The gathered church is to be the Body of Christ, His hands and His feet. At the heart of this Body is the love for God and for each other. In a nut shell, that is the very purpose of why the people of God gather.


So, the Haven is a place where believers can gather with one another to draw closer to God and to one another. Paul tells us many times that each follower of Christ is to help build up, strengthen and encourage those in the Body.


The Haven meet together as often as possible to meeting formally (like meetings and services) and informally (fellowship, which often involves food).

This passage in John (left), shows that loving one another is not just key to showing the world we are disciples (followers/learner of Jesus Christ) but also our unity (through love) is key to showing the world that God sent His Son Jesus to show His love for them.


Therefore, because gathering as believers is a visible act of the Gospel, of Christ coming to the world, the Haven has decided to gather in homes rather than an isolated building. This means that every time we gather as a church in someones home, we are visible to the neighbours and surrounding community. This also builds a better platform for doing evangelistic outreach within that community.

The next part of the vision and what Jesus commands His church to do is to 'send'. Click the button below to read more about to importance of sending.

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